Project import errors

Why did my project fail to import?

If a project fails to import you may see an error, please check below for each one and why you may be seeing it:

NPM & Yarn

Failed to parse package.json or package-lock.json as valid JSON

Failed to parse package.json or yarn.lock as valid JSON

Please check the package.json & lockfile is valid JSON, any manual manipulation of these files may result in a missing/extra character where it is not expected. Use any of the online tools to validate it is correct JSON. To test locally: `npm install` should pass without errors.


Failed to process manifest FILE_NAME

Where possible we try to show as much info as we have, but processing files and extracting dependencies is a complex process and sometimes things can go wrong. If you received this error please contact so we can look into it further.

The manifest file is missing, has been moved or renamed. If this is intentional, please deactivate or delete this project in settings.

You may receive a missing manifest error if you have deleted, moved or renamed the manifest file which Snyk read during the initial project import.

To resolve this issue you need to restore the manifest file to same location as it was at during the initial project import. Or if the move was intentional, then deactivate or delete the Snyk project and re-import the project again.


Failed to process RubyGems lockfile contents

We were unable to process the Gemfile.lock to extract dependencies from it. Please contact support on and if possible share the lockfile you used so we can identify the issue.