JFrog Xray - What's the difference between Snyk Basic and Premium?

Snyk Basic is the subset of Snyk’s Vulnerability DB that comes pre-bundled with JFrog Xray. It allows scanning for vulnerabilities in open source dependencies across all major programming languages. While substantial, this database contains only a portion of the vulnerabilities available in the Snyk Premium database. 

For deeper security coverage, JFrog Xray customers can unlock the full Snyk Vulnerability database by upgrading to Snyk Premium. The Snyk Premium database includes additional vulnerabilities researched by the Snyk security team, vulnerabilities surfaced by Snyk's threat intelligence systems, and better coverage and enriched content for CVE vulnerabilities. In addition, vulnerabilities are often added to Snyk Premium before appearing in the Snyk Basic database. 

The Snyk Premium database is available to any paying Snyk customer on the Snyk Enterprise or Pro plans. Such customers will benefit from automated remediation and security patches via the Snyk Service itself. If you are a paying Snyk customer on the Standard plan, please contact contact@snyk.io to discuss upgrade options.

For information on how to upgrade please see our article on How to upgrade to Snyk Premium.