What happens when a project is deleted on GitHub?

If you delete a project on GitHub it remains on Snyk until you explicitly remove it

Deleted projects remain on Snyk so we can maintain your project's vulnerability history.

To delete a project from Snyk: 

  1. Go to the projects page
  2. Click on the project you want to remove
  3. Click on the settings link for the project
  4. Click on the red 'Delete' button.
    This will delete the project and all historical vulnerability data.

Alternatively, you might want to deactivate a project.

Deactivating a project will:

  • Remove the webhook from the GitHub repository.
  • Disable pull request tests for new vulnerabilities.
  • Disable fix pull requests from being opened for newly disclosed vulnerabilities.
  • Disable recurring tests - email alerts about newly disclosed vulnerabilities will be turned off.

To deactivate a project click on the 'Deactivate project' button.

You can re-enable a project in the future by clicking on the 'Activate' link on your projects page or the specific project page.