How do I authorise a new GitHub organisation?

How do I add a new GitHub org to my Snyk profile?

In order to add your new GitHub organisation, you will need to delete the oAuth app from GitHub and then re-authorise with our integration.

Step 1:  Revoke the Snyk permissions on GitHub

Note: You do not need to revoke the 'Snyk Login' application 

Step 2: Re-connect GitHub on

  • Go to
  • Log in
  • On the integrations page click 'Connect to GitHub'
  • Grant permissions 
  • Authorise the 'Snyk' application
  • Enter your password if requested
  • Choose which projects you want to test and monitor with Snyk and click 'Add selected repositories to Snyk'

If you can not find a repository that you are expecting to see, take a look at the Why is my GitHub repo not showing up? article to help you troubleshoot.