Check our Status Page for known and recently solved issues before contacting support.

When raising a ticket, please provide the required information for a faster resolution.

Snyk Support cannot:
• Make configuration or account changes on a customer’s behalf
• Provide sensitive account info over the phone
• Troubleshoot or answer questions about domains not associated with the Snyk account email address used to contact support

Do not share any sensitive information, such as passwords, private keys, or API keys with Snyk.

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Low severity, non-service impacting Issues and questions about the Snyk platform, performance, functionality, or operations. No impact is experienced to Licensee’s operational capabilities. Normal severity, medium or low impact Minor defect or functional degradation in the Software or Platform with some or limited impact to Licensee’s operations. High severity, major or high impact A major or key function of the Snyk service is non-operational or is highly degraded causing major or high disruption and impact to Licensee’s operations.

Exclude or obscure sensitive info like keys/tokens See for a faster resolution.

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