Guidelines for contacting Snyk support

Before notifying Snyk of a service impacting problem, please refer to our Status Page as we may already be aware and actively working to resolve the issue. Please also check for any recently resolved incidents that may be relevant.

If you need to raise a new ticket for our support team please ensure to provide the correct information and context inline with our ticket requirements, these are avaliable in Ticket Information Requirements if the required information is not provided this may slow progress toward resolution.

Please also ensure you select the correct severity:

Severity Impact Description
High Major + High A major or key function of the Snyk service is non-operational or is highly degraded causing major or high disruption and impact to Licensee’s operations
Normal Low + Medium Minor defect or functional degradation in the Software or Platform with some or limited impact to Licensee’s operations.
Low Non-Service Impacting Issues and questions concerning the Snyk platform, performance, functionality, or operations. No impact is experienced to Licensee’s operational capabilities.

Snyk Support cannot perform the following actions:

• Make configuration or account changes on a customer’s behalf
• Provide sensitive account info over the phone
• Troubleshoot or answer questions about domains not associated with the Snyk account email address used to contact support

Do not share any sensitive information, such as passwords, private keys, or API keys with Snyk.

Submit a request

Select the priority of your request so that we can prioritize accordingly.

Help us to understand how many users in your organisation are experiencing the same issues or symptoms.

If you're not sure, select Snyk Open-Source. This is our vulnerability scanning tool, whether done via CLI, integration or in the Web App.

Please enter the details of your request excluding or obscuring sensitive information such as keys or tokens. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible. Here you will find the recommended and additional information to include in your support ticket to expedite your support experience -

Please include your Snyk Group ID or Group name

Please include your Snyk Organization ID or Organization name

If applicable please include your Snyk Project ID or Project name

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    Helpful tips:

    We generally respond within 8 business hours on High severity tickets and 1 business day on Normal and Low severity tickets. Read more in our Technical Support Guide or in your Master Services Agreement (Enterprise customers).