What counts as a test?

For billing purposes what counts as a test, and counts towards the test limit?

Tests can be run in multiple ways:

SCM integrations
The SCM integrations will run a test whenever we get changes in pull request/merge requests or inspect dependency changes you push.

Reoccurring tests
Snyk will  periodically check if your repo is affected by newly disclosed vulnerabilities (daily by default). This is a setting that can be controlled in settings > usage or in the project settings page.

With our CLI, you control exactly when and why you run a test. A test is counted for each run of snyk test or snyk monitor

Tests on private projects count towards your test limit, tests on Open Source projects do not count and are free.

Web based tests
A test is run when you add a new project or click the re-test button.

Tests are counted when calls are made to the https://snyk.io/api/v1/test endpoint.